Faithless at the NIA

So after a quick purchase on eBay last week I went to the NIA last Wednesday to see Faithless.

Things got interesting immediately when I found 4 random people getting lost. Having pointed them to the door I ended up spending the night with them.  They had come up from London with the plan of going to Broad Street afterwards then sleeping at New Street until the 1st train back… rather them than me!

As it turned out I ended up going to Snobs.

Back to the topic – once again Faithless produced a fantastic set (this being the 4th Faithless gig I’ve seen in 2 1/2 years).  There were some obvious songs that weren’t played, mainly Miss U Less, See U More and there were 4 songs that were proper mixes of 2 Faithless songs (the best being Machines R Us and Emergency).  Predictably they ended with Salvea Mea, probably the best song to close a dance set with.

As always Insomnia was played as the 2nd song and got the crowd moving.

It has to be said though that their new album (To All New Arrivals) isn’t their best work and some of the songs didn’t work well live so it wasn’t the best Faithless concert I’ve seen.  But they’re still worth seeing at least once if you can afford the £25 ticket price.

So another fantastic night, proven by my legs being numb from the knees down for the majority of last Thursday, not helped by the severe hangover inflicted by Snobs vodka.

 Roll on the next one!


~ by Ian on Tuesday 27th March 2007.

2 Responses to “Faithless at the NIA”

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