Kate Nash; surprisingly good music

I rarely talk about music I’ve found on the Internet, which considering th amount of time I browse is a shame; however, having spent far too much time time on Wikipedia, I ended up finding a solo artist called Kate Nash via the link for the Popjustice website.

She seems to be a potential breakthrough artist of the year; having listened to (and bought) her current single, Foundations (video on Youtube) I’m very impressed by her music; comparisons to Lily Allen are close to describing her music, but I think that it’s closer to Cansei De Ser Sexy.  I’m very amused be the Wikipedia entry, which describes her music as “Chavtronica”; how many more “new/innovative” genres are we going to hear about?  There are too many genre names and Kate Nash’s music is fairly mainstream music in my opinion .

It’s indie music but performed in a different way; “indie-pop” is what I’d define her music as (which I also think is the best description for Cansei De Ser Sexy). It’s good music but my problem is that it seems that “indie” is a term that isn’t used to make it acceptable to people who would otherwise not listen to it.

Based on this single and her previouis efforts she’s one to watch for this year; especially as the album is due in the Autumn.


~ by Ian on Thursday 28th June 2007.

2 Responses to “Kate Nash; surprisingly good music”

  1. Yes albums out in September , Foundations is exceptional for one so young

  2. Interesting that in the week I bought it she was relatively unknown (in my opinion) and the track charted at 187 (I think). In the 3 weeks since it’s had two weeks at 2 and is currently number 3 in the UK charts and she’s appeared on the Friday Night Project… it says lots about what the music industry is currently like, especially that little is being targeted for the 18-35 age group (I think Kate is being targeted at the 15-18 age group)

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